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Marine Water Heaters

Albin Pump, a well known manufacturer of industrial pumps, has now entered the marine market with its new division "Albin Pump Marine" (albinpumpmarine.com). Albin Pump has a long history with a strong heritage in the marine business. The name Albin was officially registered as a pump & engine manufacturer in 1911; in 1928 the first motor driven pump was introduced & marine engines were produced by Albin Motor between 1925 and 1976. In 1956 Albin Marin started building boats in Sweden becoming one of the largest boat builders in the world from 1970 to early 1980. In 2005 Albin Pump (AB) starts to produce innovative pumps for today's industries. Albin Pump Marine was developed as a natural step in the Albin Pump family in 2017 which has now partnered with JMP Marine. JMP Marine now carries the entire Albin Pump Marine product line as well.

With their more than 100 years experience in the marine industry, Big Blue Ocean Marine is proud to now offer Albin Pump Marine's high quality product line (majority Made in Italy) at the best price for our customers! In addition to HOT WATER HEATERS, Albin Pump Marine products also include Bilge Pump Systems, Heaters & Defrosters, Ventilation Blowers, General Purpose Pumps, and more . . . please see "ELECTRICAL" for these other products.

For multiple unit and/or quantity orders please contact us at sales@bigblueoceanmarine.com or call us at 1 (250) 713-1018

All orders are shipped from Miami Florida USA.


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