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JMP Electro Magnetic Clutch Pumps are multi-purpose pumps widely used in agricultural, industrial and marine. Expecially in marine uses, they can be used in high capacity bilge or deckwash and emergency fire fighting pumps. JMP clutch pumps have HIGH QUALITY with HIGH PERFORMANCE at a GOOD PRICE so you can use the clutch pumps with full satisfaction of performance and price. You can also easily replace worn parts. Service kits are available. . . . JMP "Not The First But The BEST!"


  • High Power (High Torque), High Capacity
  • Aluminum Pulley - Reduce Belt Temperature (M40, M50, M65)
  • Easy to change Pulley
  • Strong Bronze Body
  • Full Rotation of Pump Ports with rotating Impeller Housing (M50, M65)
  • Powder Coated Clutch Surface to Resist Rust