Electro-Magnetic Clutch Pumps

JMP Electro Magnetic Clutch Pumps are multi-purpose pumps widely used in agricultural, industrial and marine. Especially in marine uses, they can be used in high capacity bilge or deck-wash and emergency fire fighting pumps. JMP clutch pumps have HIGH QUALITY with HIGH PERFORMANCE at a GOOD PRICE so you can use the clutch pumps with full satisfaction of performance and price. You can also easily replace worn parts. Service kits are available. . . . JMP MARINE . . ."THE ONLY ONE"


  • High Power (High Torque), High Capacity
  • Aluminum Pulley - Reduce Belt Temperature (M40, M50, M65)
  • Easy to change Pulley
  • Strong Bronze Body
  • Full Rotation of Pump Ports with rotating Impeller Housing (M50, M65)
  • Powder Coated Clutch Surface to Resist Rust