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#JPR-VP2799G JMP Marine Volvo Penta Replacement Gasoline Engine Cooling Pump (Replaces Volvo Penta 21212799, Johnson 10-13470-01)

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Product Description

#JPR-VP2799G JMP Marine Volvo Penta Replacement Gasoline Engine Cooling Raw Water Pump
Note: For Gasoline Series Engines


  • JMP Volvo Penta Replacement Engine Cooling Pump #JPR-VP2799G
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Product Information:

SPECIFICATION JPR-VP2799G (replaces old p/n: VPG0004)
Uses JMP Impeller p/n
7136-01 (search 7136-01K)
Pump Weight (approx) 5 LBS (2.28 KG)
Pump Body Type Short Hose
Pulley Type Serpentine Belt Pulley, 1 Groove
Replaces Genuine Volvo Penta Pump p/n
Volvo Penta 21212799
Replaces Johnson Pump p/n
Johnson 10-13470-01
Genuine Volvo Pump 21212799 Impeller P/N  Imp 22307636 (old p/n(s): 21212794, 21213664, 21951354, 3588914, 3841696, 3842786)
*JMP Impeller 7136-01K replaces VP 22307636
Gasoline Series Engine Model(s): V6/V8 SERIES
4.3/5.0GL, 4.3/5.0/5.7GXi, 5.7Gi, V6-200/225, V8-225/270/300/350
4.3GL-G, 4.3GL-GF, 4.3GL-J, 4.3GL-JF, 4.3GL-P, 4.3GXi-225-R, 4.3Gi-200-R, 4.3GXi-F, 4.3GXi-FF, 4.3OSi-F, 4.3OSi-FF, 4.3GXi-G, 4.3GXi-GF, 4.3OSi-G, 4.3OSi-GF, 4.3GXi-J, 4.3GXi-JF, 4.3OSi-J, 4.3OSi-JF, 4.3GXi-P, 4.3GXi-Q, 4.3GXiE-225-R, 4.3GXiE-M, 4.3GXiE-P, 4.3GXiE-Q, 5.0GL-H, 5.0GL-HF, 5.0GL-J, 5.0GL-JF, 5.0GXi-270-R, 5.0GXi-F, 5.0GXi-FF, 5.0OSi-F, 5.0OSi-FF, 5.0GXi-G, 5.0GXi-GF, 5.0OSi-G, 5.0OSI-GF, 5.0GXi-J, 5.0GXi-JF, 5.0OSi-J, 5.0OSi-JF, 5.0GXi-N, 5.0GXi-P, 5.0GXiC-270-R, 5.0GiC-225-S, 5.0GXiC-J, 5.0GXiC-JF, 5.0GiC-J, 5.0GiC-JF, 5.0GXiC-P, 5.0GXiCE-270-R, 5.0GiCE-225-S, 5.0GXiCE-J, 5.0GXiCE-JF, 5.0GXiCE-M, 5.0GXiCE-MF, 5.0GiCE-J, 5.0GiCE-JF, 5.0GiCE-M, 5.0GiCE-MF, 5.0GXiCE-P, 5.0GXiE-270-R, 5.0GXiE-JF, 5.0GXiE-J, 5.0OSiE-JF, 5.0OSiE-J, 5.0GXiE-K, 5.0GXiE-KF, 5.0GXiE-M, 5.0GXiE-MF, 5.0GXiE-N, 5.0GXiE-P, 5.7Gi-300-J, 5.7Gi-300-JF, 5.7OSi-300-J, 5.7OSi-300-JF, 5.7GXi-J, 5.7GXi-JF, 5.7OSXi-J, 5.7OSXi-JF, 5.7Gi-300-N, 5.7GXi-N, 5.7Gi-300-P, 5.7GXi-P, 5.7Gi-300-R, 5.7GXi-320-R, 5.7Gi-F, 5.7Gi-FF, 5.7GXi-G, 5.7GXi-GF, 5.7OSi-E, 5.7OSi-EF, 5.7OSXi-E, 5.7OSXi-EF, 5.7Gi-G, 5.7Gi-GF, 5.7GXi-H, 5.7GXi-HF, 5.7OSi-G, 5.7OSi-GF, 5.7OSXi-G, 5.7OSXi-GF, 5.7GiC-300-J, 5.7GiC-300-JF, 5.7GXiC-J, 5.7GXiC-JF, 5.7GiC-300-P, 5.7GXiC-P, 5.7GiC-300-R, 5.7GXiC-320-R, 5.7GiCE-300-J, 5.7GiCE-300-JF, 5.7GXiCE-J, 5.7GXiCE-JF, 5.7GiCE-300-M, 5.7GiCE-300-MF, 5.7GXiCE-M, 5.7GXiCE-MF, 5.7GiCE-300-P, 5.7GXiCE-P, 5.7GiCE-300-R, 5.7GXiCE-320-R, 5.7GiE-300-J, 5.7GiE-300-JF, 5.7GXiE-J, 5.7GXiE-JF, 5.7OSiE-300-J, 5.7OSiE-300-JF, 5.7OSXiE-J, 5.7OSXiE-JF, 5.7GiE-300-K, 5.7GiE-300-KF, 5.7GXiE-K, 5.7GXiE-KF, 5.7GiE-300-M, 5.7GiE-300-MF, 5.7GXiE-M, 5.7GXiE-MF, 5.7GXiE-N, 5.7GiE-300-N, 5.7GiE-300-P, 5.7GXiE-P, 5.7GiE-300-R, 5.7GXiE-320-R, 5.7GiI-F, 5.7GXiI-G, 5.7GiI-G, 5.7GXiI-H, V6-200-A, V6-225-A, V6-225-E-A, V8-225-C-A, V8-300-C-A, V8-320-C-A, V8-225-C-B, V8-300-C-B, V8-320-C-B, V8-225-CE-A, V8-300-CE-A, V8-320-CE-A, V8-225-CE-B, V8-300-CE-B, V8-320-CE-B, V8-270-A, V8-270-B, V8-270-C-A, V8-270-C-B, V8-270-CE-A, V8-270-CE-B, V8-270-E-A, V8-270-E-B, V8-300-A, V8-320-A, V8-300-B, V8-320-B, V8-300-E-A, V8-320-E-A, V8-300-E-B, V8-320-E-B
Compatible to Genuine YES



  • Plug & Play Replacement
  • Heavy Duty Marine Grade Casting
  • Marine Grade Shaft (3X Series Non-Magnetic)
  • Mechanical Seal
  • High Performance Flexible Impeller



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Warranty Information

1 Year Manufactures Warranty