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Covid-19 Supplies & Equipment

DreamCatcher Consultancy (member of Griffin Group) provides the highest quality products and supplier networks for both personal and medical use protective supplies and equipment helping to fight the COVID19 Global Pandemic. While most Companies today see this as an opportunity for greater profit, DreamCatcher Consultancy does not . . their focus is about saving lives by providing the highest standard of protective supplies and equipment for personal and medical applications at affordable prices!

Products are provided and sold in volume size quantities and are therefore not a per unit or one box item. Interested Companies or Parties that would like to purchase and provide this equipment to their respective city's, towns, and communities are encouraged to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in providing for you needs.

DreamCatcher Consultancy presents and carries products which include the following:

- Disposable Face Masks for Adults and Children
- Disposable Medical Surgical Face Masks
- KN95 Respirator Face Masks
- Environmental Friendly Sanitizers (Hand, Wipes, and Spray)
- Nitrile, PVC, Vinyl, Latex Gloves (Non-Medical Uses)

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2 of 2 Items